Brother Supercard by Brother Drum Carder


Brother Supercard. Pat Green Supercard replica. These were built with the permission of Pat Green carders.
The overall dimensions of the Supercard are 24” long, 13” wide and 15” tall. Weight is 50+lbs. drum width is 8” wide.
Accessories included: Long handled doffer, Burnishing brush, cleaning flicker, spare fuses, padlock and keys, Batt lifter, Roveguide (Diz)
Designed for the fiber perfectionist, cards all fibers.
Industrial quality carding cloth.
Different cloth on each drum, a worker/stripper combination.
Large main cylinder for a thick 36″ batt.
Roveguide System to unwind a 25 ft. roving direct from drum.
Two motors for control of drum ratio and feed speed.
Cards your well-prepared fibers perfectly in one pass.
Its “worker” drum impressively doubles the carding action.
Complete versatility without changing drums or pulleys.
Instruction book with helpful carding tips
Safety lockout.
Ball bearings on all shaft ends.
Unique completely variable infeed section.
Carding ratio from 80:1 to 500:1
Change carding ratio by turning a dial.
Draws only 2 amps so is suitable for solar power.
Does not require table clamps
Extensive operating manual with many helpful carding tips.
For countries using 230V email us for a 230V power source.



Brother Supercard by Brother Drum Carder


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