Product Recommendations

While vending at our weekly market days we have had other vendors ask about the items we use to vend.  From our tent to our racks, to the tables and tablecloths we use, and especially what we use to weigh down the tents.  We thought it would be a good idea to put everything we use or recommend in one location so that we can share it with everyone.  These are affiliate links so we will make a few bucks off of your purchase, but that gets paid by Amazon, and doesn’t increase your cost.  All proceeds go to caring for our honeybees, and our Gulf Coast Native and Shetland sheep, both of whom are on the Livestock Conservancy’s Conservation Priority Livestock list.

Through the eyes of our naturalist knitter, you’ll discover a world of interesting creatures. Inside, you’ll find her sketches of animals in their habitat, scientific notes, and her knitting patterns that capture the unique personality of each animal. The easy-to-follow instructions show you how to knit a total of 25 endearing animals, including a hedgehog, timber wolf, rainbow trout, red squirrel, rabbit, badger, meadowlark, bald eagle, and many more. Each one is portrayed realistically, and yet exudes its own special cuteness that you find in live wildlife. Grab your needles and yarn and cast on your favorite!
This is the tent we use for our weekly market days.  This one comes with an awning to give you a bit more shade.  This has awesome Velcro in and zip up walls and includes one wall with a zip up door.

This is a tent we use.  It is exactly like the one above but does not come with the extra awning.

The tents above come with small sandbags that may be okay for most market days, but for the ones we do on the coast we use these sandbags.  I filled them with sand and each one way 40 lbs.


We use these weights when the wind will not be so bad.  They are only 7.5 lbs each, so are easy to load and unload.  You can also buy multiple sets if you’re expecting windy weather.

This is the tablecloths we use.  These are great because the backside is higher than the frontside so that you can easily store stuff under the table or sit close up to the table with your legs underneath.

These are great if you want to lift the table height so the customers don’t have to bend over so much or if the ground you’re vending on isn’t that level.

These are the bags we use. Very similar to the bags you get at HEB or Walmart. We just hang them with a D-ring off one of our racks.

These are the stakes I use when we go to the coast and experience high winds. We don’t allow stakes in Seguin, but if you are going somewhere that allows them, these are pretty good. Make sure to take your cordless driver with you.

This portable power station is awesome. It will run your lights, fans, POS system, computer, and charge your phones. We’ve used it at market days where we don’t have access to electricity.

These solar panels go with the power station above.

more powerful solar panels

Power station and solar panel bundle

These are the gridwalls we use. We got the four foot tall ones because they are easy to park and very few of our customers buying our yarns are over six feet tall

Six foot tall racks if you want them
Here are the legs that go with the gridwalls if you don’t want to have to zip tie them to your tent or if you’re vending inside.

and here is a gridwall with legs combo.

And these are the gridwall hangers we like

Here are the grid wall connectors I use. Just be careful because your screwdriver can tear them up and then they are hard to remove.

Here are the tables we use.

This is the cashbox we use. You can get it in several different collors.