Goats and Lambs

We have Gulf Coast Native lambs and baby Mini Nubian goats for sale.
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Gulf Coast Native Sheep

Gulf Coast sheep, also known as Gulf Coast Native sheep, Woods sheep, and Native sheep, descend from the Spanish flocks brought to the New World by explorers and settlers beginning in the 1500s. The genetic origins of the Gulf Coast breed are not known, since a wide variety of types and breeds of sheep existed in Spain at that time. Churro sheep, multi-purpose animals used for meat, milk, and coarse wool, were commonly brought to the Americas by the Spaniards, however, and may well have contributed to the breed’s foundation. At the same time, the Gulf Coast’s fine wool suggests a contribution from pre-Merino types as well.

Gulf Coast Native sheep are listed as CRITICAL on The Livestock Conservancy Conservation Priority List.

We have one ewe, two registered rams, and two unregistered rams

$250 for the ewe

$200 for the registered rams

$150 for the unregistered rams

If interested call us at 210 422 0619 or email us at marlinfarmsfiber@gmail.com

The naturally polled ram

Mini Nubians

The Mini-Nubian is a mid-sized goat being of mixed Nigerian and Nubian origin.  It is known for being a graceful, elegant animal standing between 23-31 inches and comes in any color or pattern of short, fine, glossy hair. This mid-sized goat is know for its ease of milking; producing a high quantity and quality of milk whose butterfat yield is similar to that of the standard Nubian.

we have some with blue eyes and most have moon spots.  We have two bucklings and four doelings for sale.  Bucklings weened at six weeks and doelings weened at eight weeks

$75  Bucklings

$125 Doelings

If interested call us at 210 422 0619 or email us at marlinfarmsfiber@gmail.com

Last one available.  Doeling.  Will be weened July 13, 2020.